Ladies Women's ministry arises out of Scripture. Paul encouraged women to teach, nurture and help each other become mature Christians (Titus 2:3-5). Ladies ministry provides an opportunity to get together as sisters in the Lord, where being a Christian is the common ground, with the goals of strengthening relationships with Jesus and with each other.

Those who are already involved in the Ladies ministry have found healing, bonding, deeper friendships and greater fellowship with the Lord, through small groups, Bible studies, prayer meetings and Ladies retreats. Ladies are encouraged to discover their spiritual gifts, and through prayer, learn where their passion to serve lies. It is our hope that the Ladies ministry will equip and empower them to then carry out their own ministry of service to the church.

The spiritual and practical benefits of the ladies ministry are immeasurable. As ladies grow toward the fullness of the measure of Christ (Eph. 4:13), we love and serve the body of Christ with more zeal and enthusiasm than ever before. We reach out to our families and to the world with open arms.

Ladies ministry is not an end, but a tool to help women reach their full potential as Christians. The ladies ministry is part of the total ministry of the church, helping all of us pull together and better reflect the image of God.


Contact: Hazel Benn